“Things We Both Know (Not Our Real Names)” is making the indy film circuit, including the Seattle Lesbian and Gay Film Festival, The Queerer They Come series in Los Angeles, and the Radically Gay: The Life and Visionary Legacy of Harry Hay conference at CUNY’s Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies in NYC!


Mark Aguhar’s Critical Flippancy” recently appeared on Bully Bloggers.


Filmmaker Finn Paul and I are adapting the poem “Things We Both Know (Not Our Real Names)” to film for FENCE Magazine. Follow the news on our Facebook page!


New Poem, “If I Told You My Love Has Since Become a Shower,” appeared on Oliver Bendorf‘s Glitter Tongue on Valentine’s Day.


birdsong was listed among Gothamist’s Six Killer Zines Worth Reading as “one of the more established zines on the scene… gorgeous”!


A Critical Lover’s Guide to Occupy Wall Street: A video produced by students in the American Ethnic Studies program at Willamette University in which I speak briefly about the class, race, and colonial politics of the Occupy movement.


Lessons in Solitude from Men” was selected as poem of the week last October by the kind folks at THEthe Poetry, Metta Sama and Micah Towery.


Tenured Radical commented on our ASA 2011 panel, “Contesting Publics and Privates in the Neoliberal University,” and my thoughts on affirming activism in the liberal arts.


“Things We Both Know (Not Our Real Names),” appeared in FENCE Magazine #25!


Listen above to a ten-minute talk on ethnic studies as a transnational endeavor, part of Banned Ethnic Studies Week at Willamette University.


This nice person on YouTube reviewed my novel chapter, “Clouds, Birds, Jet,” which appears in birdsong 13.